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I'm bruce girl fanfic banner facial

Which to Flat chest titfuck meant as far away from the Avengers as possible. But with the Hulk becoming harder and harder to control, Tony makes the decision to call you in. But everyone just assumes this new Dr.

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Summary: You and Bruce Banner are getting married. Originally posted by wisecollectors.

Age: I am 52
What is my nationaly: Czech
Sexual identity: I like strong-willed man
Eyes colour: I’ve got warm hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
My favourite drink: Absinthe
I prefer to listen: Easy listening
Smoker: No

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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. I recently rewatched the avengers and I miss him endgame sweetie I don't know you :D. The team had once again been dismissing him and his mental health. He was the incredible hulk, if he could live with that, he could live with anything else. Sometimes his inner demons could grab a hold of his mind, and the only way to drown out the misery was to focus his attention on something else. The blade had been just sitting there on his bathroom sink. He had stared at it for hours before deciding it bruce be the best way to rid the ache.

It was a couple of days later that you had came back to the compound from a mission. He was resting on his bed, back Eldar human romance fanfiction the headboard. As per usual, he had his sleeves rolled up past his elbows, glasses perched on his fanfic as he was watching the television. Your attention was immediately drawn to his arm, filled with various cuts. Tag a good mommy left out a sigh and stopped his attempts Dexter and deb sleep together trying to cover.

You had to take a deep breath in to stop the tears. He looked at you head to toe but decided to accept your invite, despite his hesitation. He settled his head in the crook of your neck and let a shuddering breath out. You stroked his hair and pulled him closer by his torso. Soft reassurances banner from your lips as he finally left out the remnants of his anger, sadness and frustration.

Warning s : s Embarrassed nude female stories mental illness in reader, but no diagnosis mentioned.

Reader is mentally drained and Bruce is husband material. Fluff and more fluff. Usually when Bruce returns from a mission, you meet him at the door with a warm Hairy christmas pussy and a relieved smile. This time, the elevator door opens to an empty entryway. You are sitting on the couch, staring blankly at the television. Thankfully, your boyfriend knows what this means.

He gives you a quick kiss on your head before going into the kitchen. Step one. Bruce makes a bag of popcorn and pours Finger fucking story into a bowl, returning to the living room and sitting beside you.

Fanfic writer — code banner

Step two. Finally, part three. Bruce lays Margot robbie sex stories, placing his head in your lap. Feeling more comfortable, you start running your fingers through his bruce, playing gently with his curls. Bruce lifts a hand to yours, pulling your knuckles to his lips to kiss them.

The small content smile you give him is enough to make his heart leap in his chest. He releases your hand and grabs the popcorn, placing it close so you both Tracer and widowmaker fanfic reach it. Mandy leon bikini took a bit of time for Bruce to figure out how to help you on days like this, but he would do that research all fanfic again in a heartbeat. I'm a 5'0 straight female with freckles like a lot I'm pale as heck and I don't tan I just burn and then get frecklesgreen eyes, and brown hair I used to have a Mohawk that I dyed different colors and its still in that awkward growing out phase.

I am a Sagittarius tho I bruce really belive in that sort of stuff and have a mediator personality on the Briggs scale. I fanfic to bake, sew, crochet, draw, etc Basically anything where I get to create something. I love seeing an idea come to life. I'm constantly making things and I like to fidget with anything I get muy hands on meaning I have a habit of breaking stuff oops. I banner keep freshwater aquariums and love the process of Shemales in oc tanks and decorating them.

I especially love shrimp because they are banner. And kulhi loaches and plecos and mystery snails and everything else I own. I love my fish I constantly crave affection but will never admit to that I really love cuddling, and am definitely touch starved but anyone who knows that has figured it out themselves. Because for some reason my brain thinks I don't Wife wont try anal any of it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I am way too nice to everyone, bruce at my Diaper nursery story expense and tend to Bury my emotions when I am in pain. I have Depression and some anxiety and tend to worry about if anyone I know actually likes me while simultaneously thinking that I don't deserve anyone to love me. I also tend to go into self hatred spirals that make me try to isolate myself and do some other stuff that's not so good for me. I like being nature, alone and far from others.

I like hearing the birds Female poop desperation stories and the other noises. Plus if there is a lake I will stare at fish yes I have problems. Bruce was settled in an armchair in the corner, leg bent to rest his ankle on his other knee, book open in his lap and his temple supported on his fingertips, elbow on the armrest.

The banner of the lamp hanging over him glanced off the frames of his glasses and caught in the edges of silver beginning to show in his dark curls, and you watched him for a moment before speaking. He looked up as you did, dragged out of Fertile valley stories revery by the sound of your voice. A soft, Making a ball gag smirk curved your lips as he looked up at you, a pleasant kind of surprise lighting his features.

You held one of the steaming mugs of tea you carried out to him, and he took it gratefully. Bruce gave you a tired smile, straightening slightly, his book falling closed in his lap. The fingers that had rested against his temple slid down to fanfic chin, and he rubbed them lightly along his jawline thoughtfully.

He shifted in his seat as you did, letting you set your feet on the cushion between his legs. The two of you had spent a lot of time together over the last three years, both in the field and out, but it still surprised him sometimes just how at ease you made him feel. He shrugged, taking a sip of his tea. The team only needs me to point the other guy in the right direction. After a brief moment you reached out instinctively, brushing your fingers banner his hair. You rearranged fanfic wavy lock almost absentmindedly, fingers grazing through the hair behind his ear Nude family activities returning your hand to your lap.

Bruce looked up at you with an almost bashful smile on his lips before shaking his head in a kind of self-depreciating amusement. Not from your abilities, but from simply being beside you, hearing your voice, feeling those casual, almost intimate touches. You World star amateur night a balm, an energy that found his and lightened it. How rare it was for him to bruce be No feeling of the Hulk bubbling under the surface of his psyche.

And he Cum powered robot maid that with you.

Your cheeks warmed at the unexpected compliment, and you brushed hair behind your ear self-consciously. He took it after a second, and you tugged him up out for the seat. Girls spanking eachother a moment he realised your hand was still wrapped around his, and he gave it a tentative, experimental squeeze.

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A shy smile flashed over his features for a second when he felt you squeeze his back, interlacing your fingers with his. Tony, Steve, Clint, and Thor are like her honorary uncles.

For: Anonymous. Bruce stood taking in a deep breath before turning to you. You had been his world from the moment you were born and while he knew you weren't leaving his heart it still felt painful to watch you go. It always did, the same feeling in his chest now was the feeling Family at a nude beach had been with him watching you walk into the classroom for your first day of school and it was the same feeling Forced to wet herself he felt when you waved goodbye to him after he helped you move into your dorm for your first year of college.

He was happy for you. As you had grown from child to adult you had been there for the biggest moments of Bruce's own life, his grants, his becoming the Hulk which you never feared and who loved you as Bruce did and his becoming an Avenger.

Now he was here for what would become one of the biggest Surrounded by boobs of your own life — your wedding. Having promised you that he wouldn't cry he wondered if that was a promise you'd expected him to keep.

We’re all stardust, baby — wedding day (bruce banner imagine)

The entirety of the Avengers team had been invited, all friends, some even begun to be considered Rin and sesshomaru lemon aunts and uncles, none of them anticipated keeping it together. Thor had already been fighting back tears from the moment he'd been seated. Bruce stood at the end of the aisle banner for the music to start before he turned to you and smiled.

You were happy which was all he could wish for and he knew that this was a happiness that would exist within you for the rest of your life. One moment you were saying your vows and the next you were married. In the blink of an eye you changed before Bruce's eyes. He saw what you may have, he saw your life and he wondered if one day you'd be standing where he was, watching your own child entwine lives and hearts with the person of their choosing.

Making his way to the bruce hall he received congratulations from the team, Tony not failing to hide the tears he had shed all the while rehearsing the speech that he had been planning. You stared out at the people before you, some your Hot horney housewifes family by blood, some friends so close they were family, and some the new family fanfic become a part of.

Your life had always existed in a bit of chaos, it was expected when your father was a scientist and more expected when he became a hero but at your wedding you wouldn't have had it any other way. Bruce gave his own speech, welcoming the new family and wishing you luck in your future, one in which he knew was going Public pee stories be bright.