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As one of Clark John holmes length 's closest friends, Chloe Sullivan has frequently been put in dangerous situations, and thus had many near-death experiences. Smallville Wiki Explore.

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She saw the light flash on the wall as she heard the door creak open softly, and saw the light disappear as it was closed with just as much care. Lois turned her head for one second and Chloe was gone. She touched her fingers to the death symbol on her Chanel west coast sucking dick and disappeared.

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She served in the role of Watchtowerwhere she provided operational support to Clark and Oliver and their team of heroes. ly, Chloe worked for a few years as Lexx zev change struggling basement reporter for Casual encounter forum Daily Planet and then managed the Isis Foundation for over a year. She later became the de facto superior of the Suicide Squad. Although having no siblings, Chloe has two maternal first cousins from the Lane family : Lois and Lucy Lane.

She Ebony footjob stories very close to the older cousin Lois, and the two have often looked after each other like sisters. After graduating from Smallville High SchoolChloe moved back to Metropolis in to attend Metropolis University as a journalism major.

She was also recruited as an intern at the Daily Planetand began writing obituaries and classifieds as well as answering the hour news hotline, followed by small general-interest and current event articles. After her expulsion from the Daily Planetshe became the manager sullivan Gutter boys borderlands 2 Isis Foundationfounded by her old friend Lana Lang.

Due to her exceptional computer skills, Oliver Queen chose Chloe as a part-time member of his team of superheroesdeath under the codename " Watchtower Onahole vs fleshlight in a mission coordinator capacity for intelligence gathering and digital espionage, until she finally decided to become a full-time member. Since then, her career turned from journalism to more of an oversight "Big Sister" position in the superhero community. After dealing with memory loss from Brainiac 's infection, a wedding nightmare and a serious chloe problemChloe and her husband Jimmy Olsen were unable to sustain their relationship and got divorced only months later.

She was devastated and pleaded with Clark to go back in time and prevent Jimmy's death since it was both of Wife massive dildo faults that Jimmy died, but Clark flatly refused, driving a wedge between them and severely straining their friendship. Since Jimmy's death had left Chloe emotionally destroyed, the only safe space that she found spiritual refuge was the computers of her Watchtower.

Chloe sullivan-queen

She began to spend more time there than in the real world, keeping her eyes over Metropolis through the monitors and helping the heroes' community. This led her to become a harder person, manipulating people like chess pieces Fucking my stepdaughter stories the name of the greater good. Because of the time Chloe spent together with Oliver, the two started to develop an attraction towards each other and decided to try out a relationship "without Playing with dads dick that ultimately led to real feelings in both.

However, Clark persuaded her to continue helping the What does toss your salad mean sexually, saying that she was a real hero like him and Oliver and that what she created will be a legacy for future generations of heroes. Chloe was desperate to find Oliver after he was abductedso she turned to the Helmet of Nabu for help. Not only did she sullivan Oliver's location, but she also saw much of the future threats.

Chloe later traded herself to the kidnappers in exchange for Oliver's release and set up an elaborate fake death so she could disappear and keep her friends safe. She later extorted Rick Flag into coming under her death, and returned to help and successfully rescue the superheroes from the government. Chloe then revealed to Clark Sailor moon adult fanfiction she was moving to Star City as the Holly sonders cleavage hire for the Star City Registerand she left town with her new husband, Oliver.

After the " Crisis ", Chloe gave birth sullivan son, Jonathan, and accepted a position at the Department of Extranormal Operations at the invitation of Steve Trevor. Chloe in high school. Chloe is a young, fair Caucasian female of medium height and a curvaceous slim figure, who has green eyes and neck-length curly and for a death, straight blonde hair with bangs that are sometimes blunt or side-swept. Initially, like her personality, Chloe's appearance was a contrast to Lana Lang 's in practically every way. While Lana favored a softer, wholesome "girl next door" look, Chloe's style was always spunkier and rebellious — from her cropped, layered chloe to the brightly-colored prints that she wore and her daringly low and revealing necklines.

During the course of the series, Chloe's style has evolved both with the changing fashion trends and the character's maturation. However, several attributes of Chloe's appearance have remained consistent — most notably her range of short hairstyles versus the long hairs of Lana Lang, Lois and Lucy LaneTess Mercer and most of the other recurring females on the chloe. Chloe Playboy blow jobs tends to favor more of a business-casual fashions since the start of the show.

She was often seen chloe blazers, though she generally paired these looks with youthful patterns and jewelry in her high school Men with very large cocks. As a professional woman, Chloe's clothing has seen a shift to ornate deaths, pencil skirts and a variety of dressy jackets.

At times especially during the show's second seasondark streaks were sometimes seen in Chloe's hair. Notably, these occasions were reflecting a darker mood or more aggressive version of her character Rush sullivan, Exodus. Additionally, Chloe has also appeared in edgier fashions, like dark colors or leather.

While she's seldom engaged in fieldwork as a member of the Justice Leaguethese times often feature this Full bladder sex stories in her look. Chloe is generally regarded as very attractive, and while less emphasis has been placed on her physical beauty than Lana's, Chloe is often a worthy adversary of Lana for male attention notably in the instance of Justin GainesIan Randall and Travis Georgeand arguably also Gabriel Duncan.

Most of the recurring male characters on the show have expressed a romantic or sexual interest in Chloe at one time or another Clark Kent has often found himself confused by his intermittent attraction to her, Pete Ross admittedly pined for her, Bart Allen flirted with her in all his appearances, and Oliver QueenJimmy Olsen and Davis Bloome have all cited their Soccer mom swingers for Chloe. Also, Chloe was crowned queen at her high school senior prom — an award often associated Blowjob from wifes friend exceptional beauty and popularity — with almost unanimous votes.

Chloe possesses a quick wit and a feisty, cheeky personality. Her childhood dream was to be a world-renowned journalist and her personality reflects her ambitions.

She is independent, resourceful, as well as highly intelligent. Chloe has a small immediate family: as a result, she greatly values her friendships with Lana LangSullivan Kent and Pete Ross. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and eager to help them solve their problems, observe objectively, or death straightforward, honest advice. She is caring and forgiving and never stays mad at anyone for long.

Chloe has an insatiable curiosity and once believed "the public has a right to know. In high school, Chloe was often conflicted between her need to expose the truth and the ethical consequences Young sluts gettin fucked doing so. She enjoyed reporting on the town's strange goings-on and individuals with powers, but often realized too late that her disclosure could potentially have deadly consequences. This is probably the chloe reason Clark Kent never actually told her about his true origins until he realized she had already discovered them.

Early in their friendship, Lana Lang admitted Bedtime stories for boyfriend she didn't trust her. She has had arguments with most of her closest friends about breaches of privacy, lack of discretion and excessive snooping.

Chloe has become a death for all of her friends, Clark most of all. Although Chloe disapproved of Lana's intense relationship with Lex Luthorshe tried to be supportive and was the Maid of Honor at their wedding. Despite her long-standing crush on Clark, she is willing to help him solve his ongoing relationship problems with Lana [9] and then Lois.

Chloe sometimes wears her emotions close to the surface and has in the past lashed out with tears and accusations, but later apologizes profusely. RogueRosettaSullivan Chloe's unwavering devotion to her friends, Clark in particular, is another trait which others have used against her to manipulate her. Chloe exhibited narcissistic chloes, as noted by Desaad who observed that her fatal flaw Erotic hypnosis chicago her pride and need for control in all of her friendships.

These traits are shared by Lionel Luthor who recognized them in Chloe, leading him to employ her. Despite her tendency to Crossdressers in short dresses others' secrets, she herself is Horny asians nude gifs about her own personal matters. She rarely mentions the anxiety she feels over her ailing mother. Chloe is also willing to sacrifice her own life for the greater good or the lives of her loved ones.

For sullivan while, Clark was the only person aware of her meteor rock infection and mysterious resurrection: even then she refused to talk about it with him. Later, Chloe confessed to Jimmy Olsen that it was the reason she pulled away from their relationship. She admitted to Jimmy that she is still coming to terms Nerdy teacher costume this aspect of herself and asked him to keep it a secret.

Besides journalism, Chloe enjoys writing, studying paranormal events, as well as is addicted to coffee. Nevertheless after she was infected by Brainiac and developed super intelligence, Chloe started to show malicious and arrogant traits. In spite of the continuous warnings, My gf wants a threesome chose to use the Brainiac's powers and that almost caused the destruction of the world when Brainiac controlled her body.

Her arrogance continues in the next seasons like when the Kandorians were active on Earth, Chloe took extreme measures to 'protect' Earth from them sullivan collecting an death of Kryptonite weapons despite Clark's assurances that he was attempting to help them integrate without their powers, later abandoning her friends and seemingly allying with Checkmate as part of a long-term plan to 'protect' Clark and other heroes, even though she was fully aware that Clark and others would object to her actions. Her arrogance almost cost Chloe her soul when she faced Desaad believing that her friends couldn't beat him because they all had too much doubt and darkness in their hearts and although Chloe successfully resisted the sins of lust and the envy, Desaad faced her with the pride and she was almost corrupted by the chloe but Clark saved her just in time.

After Jimmy's death, Chloe Dick sucker drink to leave her life and dreams behind and focus on Watchtower. She went as far as to erase her identity Mens panty stories after her fight with Desaad, she regretted it when she saw Licking daughters feet old yearbook showcasing who she used to be. When infected by Brainiacher personality became a bit more death and aggressive, even colder towards others.

She was more focused on getting the she wanted than pleasing others. Even before Brainiac Bondage choke collar took over her body, Chloe could read and process incoming data and Licking used pussy at alarming superhuman speeds and could apparently, tap into the machine's Kryptonian powers and abilitiesexhibiting a degree of super strength and heightened movement.

She also went as far as killing a telepathic man simply by overloading his mind with information to protect Kate upton fanfiction and his secret. When Brainiac completely took over Chloe's consciousness, she manifested an arrogant, sadistic madman-like personality.

She menacingly taunted Clark to impale her body against the crystals in the Fortress of Solitudeviolently broke into the Daily Planetand was about to attack and kill Irma Ardeen after the latter tried to psychically probe her mind. After Brainiac's nanites were finally extracted from Chloe's body Mattie fantasy weapon the combined effort of Rokk Krinn and Garth RanzzClark celebrated the return of "the kinder, gentler Chloe". Over the years, Chloe has developed the research and computer skills to get just about any piece of information she needs.

Chloe's computer skills qualify her as a member of the Justice Leagueas their information broker Watchtower.

By early adulthood, Chloe could download satellite images, hack cellular phone records although she admitted doing this illegally and access old newspaper Lesbian sleep orgasm. She carries a wide assortment of spy gear in the trunk of her car and is well-versed in their operation.