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Corruption of Champions is a text based flash game that anons can and are writing content for to be implemented into the mod.

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Version 1. Equipment upgrade system has been added!. Some masterwork weapons can be upgraded to obsidian weaponry.

In order to upgrade, you'll need some gems and obsidian shards. Unique equipment can be upgraded. Beautiful Sword - Divine Pearl Sword new : 1x pure pearl, gems. Ugly Sword - Scarred Blade: 4x lethicite or 1x large lethicite and gems.

Jeweled Rapier - Midnight Rapier: 5x lethicite and gems. Spellblade - Runed Spellblade new : 1x lethicite, 2x fox jewels, gems. Eggshell Shield - Runed Eggshell Shield: 1x lethicite, 2x dragon eggs, gems. Weapons have received two new variables:.

Durability: New degradation system used for obsidian weapons and huntsman cane. Durability is indicated by tooltip and on equipment. Weight: Weapons are now categorized as light, medium or heavy. Zigfield troy death will allow code to take advantage of weight system.

New equipment:.

Product description

At full purity, 21 attack. Note that in the future, opponents might learn of that.

Titan Grip Tier 3, lets you wield large weapons in one hand! Zetaz Two variants! Kiha variants Unarmed.

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Additional image pack support for several of the scenes!. Added option to turn off enemy stats panel. Huntsman cane now has 25 durability.

Simplified enemy info to be more TiTS-like. Revamped stare ability. It now decreases speed per turn.

Changes to Cockatrices:. If speed falls to 1 while facing cockatrices, you now automatically lose. More tooltips have been added to Farm, especially if you want to turn Kelt into Kelly.

Piercings now reset on ascension. Ferret transformations have been revamped. If you encounter the tree with sword after blowing up the factory, you'll now pick up the broken remnants.

Get prepared for an all-new main menu, game settings and fancy UI prettiness! Edit: A quick-fix build has been released to fix the two crashing issues.

Overhauled some user interfaces! Fancy new main menu!

Tidier game settings. HP, lust, fatigue and XP bars now animate if they change values!. There is now an option for fully clear text background. Added fancy new bit sprites!

Huge collection of online games. Additional Sprites:. Better raise your strength and intelligence!.