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Sex chica divine cyoa friend to life

A once-proud and glorious race has fallen.

fit woman Cassidy

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This cyoa was made by Akumakami64whom I really thanks for his wonderfull job. The original work can be found on Reddit. Slave of a Goddess by Akumakami Hello, Mortal. Slowest blowjob ever have the distinct pleasure of informing you of your death.

Years: I am 25
Ethnic: Sudanese
Iris tone: I’ve got warm green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I understand: English, Portuguese
I prefer to drink: Whisky
I have tattoo: None

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Chastity Mansion. Top Posters. Remember choose-your-adventure books? Written in the first person, with plots like discovering Aladdin's Lamp, or hunting space vampires?

And at the bottom of everyyou'd have to pick from two to four options? There have a couple attempts to bring that format to erotic fiction, too - often with a point system to determine whether you reach a "good" ending or not.

Cyoa refuge thread - a thread for posting any and all cyoas

Sissycaitlin77 and CagedAnimal2 Older women giving blow jobs this. Ever wonder what senior year would've been like, at a high school where all the guys are locked in chastity? Wolf Waffle's Chastity School gives you the chance to find out: 1. Opening 2. Pick a Classmate Keyholder 3. Pick a Homeroom Teacher 4. Choose Your Chastity 5. What's Your Punishment? What's Your Reward for Acing Midterms?

Enslaved elves

What is Gym Class Like? What's the School Nurse Like? What Happened on the Last Day of School? Add up your points, to find out what happens to you. In Enslavedyou've been captured by dark elves! Also known as drow, the dark elves are a female-dominated Women sucking each others tits. Pick Your New Mistress 2.

Choose Your New Lifestyle 3.

What "Games" is Your Mistress into? Or try to escape? Either way, learn your fate here.

If you're a Crossdresser sex parties fan, you're in luck! In Divine Sex SlaveMnuvae, goddess of lust, has decided to make you her new toy: 1.

Build Yourself a New Body! Has Mnuvae changed your personality?

Choose your own (femdom) adventures

Divine "upgrades" to your new body 4. Magical quirks 5. How do you live? What does Mnuvae do with you?

Add up your points, and pick your reward! Gentle Femdom is by the same author as Enslaved Noelle foley playboy Divine Sex Slavebut doesn't seem to have an end at least not yet. In the Chastity Nerve Gameyou've been locked in chastity, and have a choice of five possible keyholders. However, once you turn down a keyholder, that's it - you can't go back. Beyonce croch shot if you discard the first four, the fifth one will automatically get your key.

Digital and Beach-bum like this. Beach-bum Unlocked. Digital Aspiring Gentleman.

Cyoa — divine sex slave

And in Femdom Wife and Marriageyou can explore life with a femdom wife, in an otherwise vanilla society. Yes, I Babysitter forces creampie the names aren't exactly original. And, to be fair, they are accurate.

If you're looking for story starters, these three might be worth a look: Gentle Worlds bills itself as a "portal" game - you get ten points to buy portals to all sorts of different femdom worlds, ranging from alien invasion to high fantasy to more or less modern world. With thirty different options, there's something for. A Gentle New World takes five of the Gentle Worlds settings, and develops them into full-on story starters. The Time Sigh big penis owe you a favor, and are willing to insert you into one of five different femdom Haircutting stories female, with a favorable Family sluts tumblr. If you're stuck for story ideas, any one of the five options would be a good place to start.

Or, if you want something with more magic and adventure, there's A Strange Dream. Whose summons will you accept? The disgraced archaeologist, desperate for a way to prove her theories?

The wealthy battlemage, whose looking for a new way to boost her destructive potential? The spoiled party girl who wants a new trophy to show off at parties? Or maybe the klutz, whose summons is actually a botched attempt at an entirely different spell? Show Ignored Content. Users found this by searching for:. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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