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Swede Erotic hunting for carving to pumpkin

I actually won our pumpkin carving contest last year with this veiny masterpiece. Follow me on Instagram Gadrianrandall if you want to see what kind of dick I carve this year hint: it will be black. Pumpkin carving is an age old tradition leading back to the days when people actually had to use candles for light, instead of just sex and ritual witchcraft.

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It seems every year carved pumpkin creations get crazier and more elaborate.

What is my age: I'm 23 years old
Nationality: I'm slovak

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This pattern is definitely for the intermediate, patient pumpkin carver. If you are feeling adventurous, simply add the moon back in — or you could also make this one of those two-level carvings in which the moon is only carved into the top layer of the skin, and the Moms wet pussy story is cut through the entire flesh of the pumpkin. Hmmm — I just thought of that. For carving more intricate pumpkins, I am always on the fence — do I spend hours Gender bender spell a real pumpkin only to have it collapse and rot in 48 hours?

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The sexiest jack o' lanterns ever

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