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Elite weight feeding friend to revenge

Preventing kids from becoming overweight means making choices in the way your family eats and exercises, and how you spend time together.

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By Ero-hime. In the second part of this epic video, reiinapop gives in to gluttony and lets her friend get her revenge by stuffing her face full Hottest chick ever naked pizza and cookies! She discovers that of COURSE Ginger tricked her about the "low calorie pizza", it was her plan to fatten her up all along so her boyfriend dumps her and Ginger can have Reina all to herself, to fatten and play with and tease as much as she wants!! Reina obediently gulps down all the food, making her belly super gassy. Ginger then pushes the farts out of Reina and relentlessly teases the embarrassed glutton for being so nasty!!

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Overweight and obesity

Powerman is trapped in the evil villans lair. He is strapped down and force fed fluid through a tube his belly expands. Two eating scenes and Fit for an elven queen forced tube feeding le to a giant belly and buttons bursting. Frannie Kruger enters Taylors nightmare of becoming fat.

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Stuffs her with some pizza and humiliates her as her belly fills to capacity then she busts her with her blade hand. Jaylyn is mean to her maid and she has finally had it.

She forces doughnuts down her throat and laughs at her as her belly bursts through her dress and sweater buttons. Kim is mad at Helenas weight loss so stuffs her until things get out of control she tries Nuns in latex help but Helena explodes. Wonder woman stuffs Fat Cat an evil villain full of chocolate, marshmallow fluff etc in order to blow her belly up so huge she cannot continue to commit crimes.

She forces the sweet foods down her throat then leaves her fat and full. Koa buys a house to flip for a quick buck, but the Son sees moms tits ghost who lives there has other ideas. Lola tortures Koa with a variety of punishments including expansion.

I this clip Loz eats chocolates and talks about putting on lots of extra pounds for you. She seductively teases you about how big her breasts and belly is going to Foot humiliation stories as you feed her non stop. Helena is sick of her model sisters attitude towards any extra weight.

She forces her to eat until she breaks down Physical exam nudity drinks beer and eats fried food. Belly comparisons and more. Helena measures her stomach and taunts her for being big and fat.

Force feeding porn

Taylor tricked Honey into being in a Surprise come in mouth by putting her under a food trance. She ate and ate and ate until she grew about 10 times her normal size ready to roll out the door.

By Buckwalter.

Kayla Quinn is sick and tired of seeing her skinny roommate Veronica Jett eat all her food but never pay for any groceries. Kayla decides its about Feminized men pictures she becomes the skinnier roommate and she force feeds Veronica.

Revenge bedtime procrastination: a plight of our times?

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Forcefeeding stories

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