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Extrovert regression age boy to caption

Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that Mom saw me nude users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

sweet gal Aliza

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How old am I: 34
Where am I from: I'm ecuadorian
What is my body type: My body type is slim
My favourite drink: Red wine
Stud: None

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This diaper is so handy! It has instructions for sounds effects. It felt childish. Who in their right mind would willingly tape themselves into a diaper, just to absolutely wreck it?

Regression stories

So to let even more pee gush into her already full diaper, it was heaven. Kacey always loved that.

Her potty training had taken a major hit the past few months. Fine then. Enjoy your life in diapers.

We all have those fetish feelings that creep up on us. Rub herself silly to some hot women on the internet. That worked for a few years.

In the back of her mind though, there was a growing feeling. It finally hit her. She ordered the diapers that night.

If she was gonna keep chasing that diaper feel, then Magister umbric voice was going to have to take it to the next level. She almost passed out from how excited she was when they first came in.

They felt better than she could have ever imagined once she taped them on. It was like a drug to her.

She just loved the way they filled up. She was hyper-aware of the feeling as it climbed up her bum or front of the diaper.

Celebrity tg captions — top 5 age regression caps?

The warm, wet, squishiness as it filled it up, it was simply heaven. She loved it even more when that warmth was a surprise. But the best feeling of all Demi lovato sex story Kacey? Not even knowing she wet in the first place.

She quickly unbuttoned her onesie so she could rub a little faster. She closed her eyes as her hips gyrated faster and faster.

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She had so many thoughts bounce of her head as she got closer. She let out a low moan into her room as waves of pleasure started Cross dresser orgy from her crotch. Her diaper grew warm, reminding Kacey that all those thoughts were true, or at the very least, on there way to becoming reality. Messy Diaper Videos.

Amazon Wishlist. Maggie Caps x. Jun 01 May 20 May 12 May 11 Apr 24 Typical outfit in the quarantine : Has anyone else even been to the potty since this happened?