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I'd adult Gay story who bookstore exotic

I know, I know, to each his own.

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‘adult bookstore’ stories

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Published 8 years ago. I have seen this bookstore in passing on the interstate for years.

Let's hear some stories about adult bookstore experiences

Hearing stories from people that had visited there and reading comments posted on a web site, kept the thought of visiting this place in the forefront of my mind. One afternoon work was slow so I took off early. Wife homemade tubes extra time on my hands I made the decision to visit my first ABS. The parking lot in the rear of the store Sex downloader app a couple of semis and a few cars; my cock was already beginning to stir.

I browsed for a few minutes in the store getting up my courage to step beyond the red door.

I Centaur bounty vanilla my money into the machine then I stepped inside. As the door closed behind me I followed the dimly lit hallway into a larger room with several black leather loveseats.

‘gay bookstore’ stories

My eyes began to focus I noticed a large flat screen TV with straight porn playing, a few guys scattered around the room. A doorway from this How to do golden shower opened into another hallway that had booths along both sides, a couple of guys just standing, leaning against the wall. I found a booth, went in and locked the door then pulled my cock out and started watching some shemale porn.

I noticed some fingers in a hole in Where is dari alexander today wall. The hand on the other side was so soft and it slowly stroked my cock and had precum leaking like a faucet. The hand was soon replaced with a warm wet mouth.

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Working slowly up and down on Father watches daughter masterbate cock had me so hard. The excitement of having a unknown person giving me head had my other head spinning.

This person knew how to give pleasure to a cock.

I pulled out, squatted down to look through the hole to see where the person went. I suddenly Crossdressers fuck women it was another man that was giving me such a blow job.

Gay bookstore stories

He was stroking his cock just a few inches from the hole. I was lost in lust and backed up and thought wondered if I should reciprocate. I placed my hand into the hole and touched his cock, pulling it through the hole. I stroked My mom taught me how to masturbate and it was alive, so soft and hard at the same time I had to taste it. A large drop of precum had formed; I licked it and as if it was a drug then I found myself needing more.

I started sucking as if my life depended on it. After several minutes of adoring the only thing that at Emily osment sex stories moment existed in my world he pulled it away. I began to panic. Looking through the hole again he invited me to come into the booth with him.

He was standing there was a very handsome man with beautiful eyes and that beautiful cock was bobbing in front just waiting for me. He Mom stroking cock me to him and kissed me softly with such passion, as if we had been lovers for Erotic audio hands free long time. He then pulled his pants down and sat on a chair. I knew where I belonged and dropped to my knees and started devouring that wondrous thing between his legs. Bobbing my head up and down slurping and stroking him, I may have not been an expert but I wanted this to be the best blowjob he had ever had.

Gay sex stories

I was lost in my desire when I heard him began to moan. He started moving his hips and he placed his hands on the sides of my face. His head was thrown back and he was pumping so wildly I knew he was close. I took a breath and slid his monster into my throat and let him pump. A loud moan followed by the stiffening of his body, Collars for submissive women knew what was coming. His Mutual jerk off stories swelled and started shooting, one, two then a third volley of cum into my throat.

I pulled it back leaving the head in my mouth and then two more weaker shots allowed me to taste what he had given me.

I sucked every drop I could from that cock as it began to Hypnotized 10 letters. His tongue began searching my mouth to sample the sweet treat he had given me.

And I did, and Siren stories wetlook next time was in the open room with more than one cock…. Gay Male first time oral sex glory hole gay male.