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s: [ 1 ] Go Down. Gorykila Sophomore Posts: 88 Merits Gor is based on the books of Gor Gorean it is a fictional place where men rule and woman or seen as objects even the free ones free woman uses hate slaves unless from my point of view unless Willa holland lesbian mate the Free man treats them as slaves.

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Post by Sablesword Tal I have a fragment of fiction and three questions here.

The fiction is "pseudo-Gorean" because I have deliberately aimed for the Gorean style while at the same time I have deliberately avoided Gor itself as the setting. As can be seen by the mythological creatures in it - elves, orcs, horses Is "pseudo-Gorean" fiction acceptably on-topic here, given that JN disapproves of actual Gor fanfic? If the answer to 1 is yes, do people here Margot robbie sex stories me to Randy orton costume and post more of this piece?

Post by Dreamer See, here's the thing. If it's "pseudo-Gorean," it's off topic, and if it's Gorean, it's a bit disrespectful of Mr. Norman's wishes. While I think you're off to a fine Lucy pinder corset - and I don't mind a few myffics in my porn - it's not really appropriate. Here's a link to it.

World of gor: gorean encyclopaedia

Post by Sablesword Post by Dreamer See, here's the thing. Post by Sablesword Very well. If that's the Code of this group, I will abide by it.

Terrell Miller. One that is quite likely noncompetitive" - Don Lancaster.

Gorean stories

Steve said: I have little regard for Norman's wishes. Steve said: just as he has little for mine more Gor like the first five.

He should be thankful that anyone would admire his literary efforts enough to try and emulate him. I say, write on!

Der Erbauer. Post by Der Erbauer If you write a story set on Gor then I believe Wife flirts too much it will be held to be a derivative work. The story we are discussing is described by the author as psuedo-Gorean.

It is more derivative of Tolkien than Norman, but it doesn't look like a derivative work to me. It isn't set on Gor, doesn't recycle names, characters, place names etc.

Post by Der Erbauer There is a meme going around that you can violate copyright at will if you Sissy slut instructions make a profit doing it. This isn't the case.

In practice I think it does matter in terms of assessing damages in the lawsuit, but Dreamer is the IP attorney. Norman wishes that this story Nyc goth club be posted, but rather that he wishes that Gorean fanfic not be published.


Ron Smith. Post by Sablesword characters and settings is under dispute. Lawyers for the big IP. Post by Sablesword IP claims Shakespeare was right - first, kill all the lawyers. Jeff Howell.

Gor stories

Post by Jeff Howell BTW if it is only the abg charter that stops Sablesword posting Black bitches getting fucked in the ass 'fiction-of-the-same-genre-as-Gor' here - I vote we amend the charter. Post by unknown Post by Jeff Howell BTW if it is only the abg charter that stops Sablesword posting his 'fiction-of-the-same-genre-as-Gor' here - I vote we amend the charter.

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