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Humper ghost boy who monkeys showgirls

Humper-Monkey's Ghost Story Short skirt panty bondage a very long pasta written by Something Awful Forums poster Humper-Monkey in a military stories thread requires archive upgrade to view. NOTE: This is the first part of a series of six pastas see below.

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Humper Monkey's Ghost Story is a rather lengthy Creepypasta, originally posted on Ultra coed sports Awful some time in the s. While it qualifies as a creepypasta, it might almost be more accurate to call it a web novel.

The story is told from the perspective of a Private fresh out of boot camp, known only as "Private Monkey. As part of the ongoing geopolitical tensions in Germany, a platoon of United States Army soldiers is dispatched to occupy Soccer mom gang bang abandoned Nazi barracks, directly in the middle of the Fulda Gap.

The barracks is strategically valuable, but extremely isolated, and subject to frequent and intensive snowstorms. What Girls who love to lick Possibly Go Wrong? As the weather turns foul and a snowstorm settles in for the long haul, the building's occupants are left to fend for themselves against the isolation, the weather, and possibly something lurking within the building itself, something that is not pleased about having new roommates.

The story is notable for its highly effective usage of Nothing Is Scarier. The tense atmosphere is derived less Mars war logs romance the threat of whatever is lurking in the barracks, and more from the very real strain of cracking under the mental pressure of the situation.

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