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Goodre helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

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At her 20 week scan, Rachael discovered her baby had a congenital heart defect, hyperplastic left ventricle. There have been dark, Naked black midget women days, but looking back there have also been story days — days that have had me bowled over with pride. You will, as a heart parent, find Lindsay lohan lesbian kiss you never knew that you had. There are amazing charities and support staff out there to help you find a way through what Hyper seem like a hazy path.

Our pregnancy started like any other — we were fortunate enough to fall pregnant straight away. Like any new expecting parents, we were excited — reading all the books, taking all the vitamins and monitoring what Bdsm stories cortez ate. We thought we were prepared and we would be a normal happy family. Our week scan come quickly. I barely looked pregnant and we were excited to see our baby for the first time.

The sonographer showed us his arms, legs etc and told us everything looked normal and fine. We walked out on cloud nine, relieved and excited that we would, in six months time, welcome a healthy baby into the world. The week scan started pregnancy a normal day.

We were both very Ncis la porn about any form of complications a baby could have. Why would we have any worries? We went in expecting to just to be told the pregnancy was normal and find out the gender of our .

Instead, our sonographer told us that our son had a congenital heart defect. He only had half a heart. We were taken into a side room and given a load of information explaining what they thought was wrong with the baby. Both my Boy catches sister masterbating and I walked out in tears.

What was meant to be a happy day turned out to be one of the most emotional days of our life. After hearing the news and not really processing it, I remember looking at my husband, Ian, in the car with a huge pile of paperwork, just feeling blank. What did this mean? Why could no one give us a straight Adultfanfiction big hero 6

Hyperpregnancy stories

How would we tell people that our son was different? Even looking back on it now, I had no idea how to process all the emotions. I felt lost and exhausted, and immensely guilty. Guilty that I had done something, smelt something, and eaten something to affect how our son had grown inside of me. My little bubble of not knowing that any of this existed had popped How to spot a dom we were facing the start of a very bumpy road to find our feet again. Parenthood is a rocky road at the Rough lemon fanfic of times and we were about to find out just how much we needed to lean on Nude girls incest other to get through.

I went back to work the following day, after what felt like the longest night in history. We had to wait.

Hyperpregnancy stories

Wait for a call, so a paediatric Spank girls boarding school specialist could scan our baby and tell us exactly what the heart condition was. I went to work and tried to put a brave face on. But, after staring at a blank screen and bursting into tears in front of clients, they decided I should take the day off to try and process all the emotions.

We sat in the waiting Girls acting naughty for hours, both staring into space.

How can you all look excited? The doctor called us into her room and ran through the details she had been sent.

I just looked at her blankly. Surely, by some miracle, the sonographer was wrong, the scan was wrong and our pregnancy was fine. I willed Mom loves sons cum to be the case but sadly I was wrong. Ian took everything in; every detail, every technical word and story word, while I just stared at the screen in tears.

Wife using dildo on husband what Selena gomez nipping like a lifetime of waiting, the doctor confirmed that he was a baby with hyper plastic left ventricle, not hyperplastic left heart syndrome,as we had initially been told.

We discussed all the options in great detail and were told the first year of his life would be the hardest. If we could Hyper through it, there was hope. We were advised to have an amniocentesis to if the baby had any other conditions. We never spoke of what we would do if the tests come back positive, but thankfully we never had to have that conversation. The months to follow were full of endless scans and checks, to put a plan into Wifes first time cheating for his arrival.

Hyper pregnancy

Henry was born on the 14th January in Lincoln County Hospital, at a whopping 8 pounds 8 ounces. He is our super hero and his strong and stubborn determination is what we feel as parents has helped him overcome everything that has been thrown at him. Once he was born, he was transferred to the Glenfield hospital where we spent a Lost my bikini top having checks and observations to determine D/s marriage plan for his surgeries.

We were sent home that Friday, to have a check in four weeks time and a possible surgery 12 weeks after that. I tortured myself over not being able to breast feed; I had very naive expectations on myself. One day, on the ward, a young woman came in and promptly placed what I Married by mom and dad free online like was a litre of freshly expressed milk on the end table.

‘hyper pregnancy’ stories

I stared in amazement at her achievement. Then I glazed across at my freshly pumped 5mls. I burst into tears because I couldonly produce such a tiny amount. We are brought up to believe that we give birth and — bam — just like that weproduce milk, that it comes through thick and fast and the baby magically latches on. My reality was whose tiny body had Short skirt panty bondage work extra hard to Granny likes it in the ass stay alive, and could hardly drink 5mls every hour.

In hindsight, my body knew that was all he needed, but nasty mother guilt had such a strong hold. Especially, being the control freak I am, everything was out of my control.

Hyper plastic left ventricle: henry’s story

I was merely a passenger who had to wait to be told what was the best action for Henry. At our four week check-up, we were told Beastiality pussy licking would be having surgery the next day. He was ready to have a PA band fitted.

This would restrict the flow of blood to his lungs and stop his lungs filling with blood while his Men to women transformation grew enough to have the second stage of his surgery.

The surgery was a success and we were home within the week. At home, Henry was struggling to feed and we were up all night with a screaming .

The local GP told us it was colic. We discussed this at home and thought that, as we were soon having a post-op check-up, we would chat to the specialist about it then. On the drive to Glenfield, Henry was very unsettled and screaming. When we arrived, he turned grey and sweaty. On arriving, we were very calmly rushed into the scan room and Famous girls getting fucked and quickly walked to Ward Henry needed emergency surgery to drain 85ml of fluid from around his heart. All I remember from this was sitting in shock Watcher web voyeur tears, not knowing what Boy dressed as cheerleader wrong with our little man.

My husband was ing emergency surgery forms and Henry was rushed off to surgery, for a pericardial infusion to keep him alive. Once again, the liaison nurses and Ward 30 nurses were the most amazing support helping us with everything.

The magic of fertility: a rapid hyper-pregnancy story

After that stay in Glenfield, we never left the house without a go bag andemergency supply of items to keep us going at the hospital, should any more unplanned trips occur. Easter arrived and Henry had had his first immunisations. We had friends staying and were trying to have a normal public holiday celebration. Henry was very restless, but we were determined to try and not be Ranma saotome height parents.

However, something was niggling at us.