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Swiss library found spanking especially fiction naughties

Because some of these topics offend people, I have attempted to lump my stories into various. You can either browse the Complete List of stories or a single category. Please keep in mind Lick my wifes clit these are subjective and not necessarily acurate -- a story primarily about consenting adults might contain the punishment of a minor, for instance.

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Louise gets the Paddle for the first and possibly last time. I you love spanking fiction, you will love The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction You D&d elf porn find over 20, stories by many authors yes, including Guyspencer. It's a noncommercial site with no advertisements, popups or other such junk. The library offers both free and paid memberships.

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Our next 'Story of the Day' is Christmas With Judith by Alan Barr which has been recommended by LSF member, opb " Childhood is a time of innocence partly remembered, but the mists of memory are punctuated by iconic moments. We all have them, stored away in tissue paper in our minds as things of great value held against the predictability of adulthood. Alan Barr treats us to a dreamy series of annual vignettes which are so structured as to take us past the cusp where the innocence of childhood meets the partial knowing of puberty, where the adult desires we have no way of understanding with our child's mind surprise us by coming to the fore begging to be College girls no bra free rein.

When we allow them, we watch almost as a voyeur the delights which accompany the Adult Secret with incomprehension of anything save that we want them, and that desire borders on a need which will Strip poker women leave us.

Now, peering from the other side of that vast chasm which separates us from that time I too found myself longing to have spent Christmas with Judith.

Paul bunyan and the great lakes

He is quite in awe of Judith but on a couple of Christmas afternoons they get to play some very interesting games together. Sadly by the next year they have both grown away from their easy closeness. Posted by LSF Admins at 0 comments. Tuesday, 25 December This Week's Acquisitions. Well it's Tag a good mommy time of year again when the hard-working staff at the LSF get to put their feet up and take a moment to sample a homemade mince pie, small glass of port and a packet of reindeer-flavoured crisps personally I give the crisps a miss being a vegetarian.

Then, once the festivities are over we get to open the Xmas donations box that's been sitting on the library counter for the past 3 weeks. A bumper haul this year once again with 6 buttons, 4 IOUs one ed R. Magazine : Apr - A. Posted by Februs at 0 comments. Labels: loaded list.

Monday, 17 December This Soccer mom swingers Acquisitions. Here we are again with another pile of spanking stories to stuff in your Christmas stockings.

Paul bunyan and the great lakes

Getting fingered for the first time the following have been loaded during the last week. Posted by flopsybunny at 0 comments. I spent so many decades in the workplace and attended so many compulsory lectures from our Human Resources Department on how I should act towards the opposite gender, that I personally have trouble suspending disbelief for any workplace spanking story.

So how did this particular story manage to suck me in?

The reactions of the two young lady spankees are quite different! There are only five of them in the LSF and they are all excellent. Why not read all five? Posted by flopsybunny at 1 comments.

Library of spanking fiction porn videos

Labels: story of the day. This Week's Acquisitions. It's not that I've got any personal objection to Xmas, it's just that I'd prefer it happened on one day of the year rather than over 3 and a half months! Unfortunately, the female library staff members seem to have taken Husband wearing diapers to this and have been stomping around all over the place, muttering and mumbling, leaving empty crisps packets all over the bookshelves, refusing to update the blog Werewolves and tentacles generally throwing a giant strop.

Library of spanking fiction porn videos

It is, therefore, under duress that I have been forced to replace our tasteful gold unicorns with a pair of tacky reindeer from Dec 16th onwards. The Five Mile High Club A boring flight is made much more interesting for one man when he hears sounds from the rear galley.

Some investigation reveals that the younger hostesses are facing the wrath of their boss. Labels: new authors.

New Author: Snoozz. Our latest author is Snoozz who has recently submitted a three part story called Anne's Second Request.


The ex Head Girl has a need, one that was awoken when she asked to be caned before she left school. Mrs Lesbian sex toy stories offers her a job and agrees to cane her again but there are conditions. New Author: Hermione. Our latest author is Hermione who has recently submitted a story called Carnaby Calling.

Carnaby Calling Selling door to door often means you see what goes on behind closed doors.


Seeing one of your own products being used as a spanking implement gives Gloryholes in alabama of food for thought. Friday, 7 December Wellred Weekly, Vol. We are delighted to announce the latest issue of the Wellred Weekly, Vol. This completes Volume 1 but hopefully we'll be fiction Volume 2 sometime in the new year. This current issue features the following content: Editorial flopsybunny introduces the spanking issue James trilogy Respect Kilahara explains how he became a spanko Recollections: Catholic school girl fuck Sensual Spanking Garth Toyntanen on credible scenarios for corporal punishment Spanking in Film: the Early Years Jameslovesbirch reviews on-screen whackings of yesteryear Topping for Lupus Ludwig shares his video-shoot experience Consent Thomas Elders looks at this key element of spanking play Click below for this latest issue:.

Labels: wellred weekly. Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Tower Of Power by Katy Spankwish which has been Find goth friends by LSF member, Canadian Spankee " This story will make anyone laugh as the wife seeks to keep the physical relations between her and her husband alive with all sorts of activities.

The parrot in the household plays a pivotal part in making sure everyone knows what is going on, even though at times library people would wish the bird would shut up.

There is no spanking in part 1, but it is packed with humor and holds our attention well. You won't stop reading at part 1! I know I am still laughing whenever I recall the entire series. She takes the advice of some online friends, but unfortunately for her - and her husband - she fails to read labels! Part 2: When Katy Injection fetish stories what she's done, she panics.

Having calledthe family doctor, and their son, she grabs the car keys and goes 'on the run'. Meanwhile, Huge strapon stories Don has to cope with the embarrassment.

Part 3: Katy is stopped for speeding, but fortunately, the officer is her daughter's boyfriend, and he lets her off with a warning. Don goes looking for her, and finds her swimming an a pool that they used to frequent in their younger days. She refuses to come out, so he goes in a grabs her.

He doesn't spank her for the toothpaste mix-up, but for something else. And she has, in a roundabout way, managed I saw up her skirt revive their failing love life! Tuesday, 4 December This Week's Acquisitions.

Does anyone have snow yet? Plenty here in Scotland. It was a Sansa and tyrion kiss frosty in the staffroom yesterday afternoon too when it was discovered that I had eaten all the mince pies Anyway, have a good week and here are the latest loaded stories to keep you all busy. Wayward Husband Needs A Hairbrush. Posted by Anonymous at 0 comments.

The library of spanking fiction blog

He certainly had his hands filled with their shenanigans. The narrator sure did enjoy his job and I can believe he was frustrated with these two thoughtless girls The fappening second coming their penchant for unpredictable and dangerous situations. He did get his way in the end and I thoroughly enjoyed the flawless storytelling.

The detailed of each spanking left nothing as well as everything to the imagination. This Secret Service agent took his responsibilities very seriously. It was very well chronicled!

Short stories by susan thomas

A quiet chat with the First Lady proves very helpful! Voting on the 9th LSF Challenge has now completed Chanel west coast sucking dick many LSF readers are now recovering from the marathon task of reading, voting and commenting on the 94 entries that were submitted. This particular challenge also saw 5 authors who submitted a story to the LSF for the very first time.