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Lin picking face that like beifong

Lin Beifong was introduced in The Legend of Korra season 1. Lin is strict but loyal and brave, willing to do whatever it takes to help Republic City and fight for what she believes is right.

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Also this is so long lmao I had a good time. Originally posted by 16stolenxpaperthin.

Lin sighs. You just shook your head in response, mirroring her posture of crossed arms. You should feel right at home, Chief Beifong! She was Swingers club what is it mother after all. You were suspicious, but decided to leave it be for the moment. As the airship landed, you ed Bolin, eyes growing wide at the splendor of the city.

Buildings and houses, streets, cars, everything fashioned out of metal. How many metal beifong could possibly be out thereyou wondered to yourself. You were basically racing to get off the ship, pushing passed Asami and Korra to get to the front Lin you heard your mom refuse to disboard. This confused you further, but you decided to face it into the back of your mind to bring it up later. The group descended the stairs of the airship, greeted by a serious-looking man and Biggest white tit girl fucking her uncle woman that looked…strangely familiar.

She had emerald green eyes and a gentle expression on her face as she welcomed you all to her city. Korra nodded. Right here. He whispered to the woman, who made eye contact with you immediately.

You opened your mouth to speak but closed it again, nervously looking around at your friends. They offered you sympathetic glances, but remained silent. A thousand thoughts raced through your mind as you hesitantly raised your arms to hug her back. She looks the part, definitely. And then it sunk in.

Dragon queen — could i get a lin beifong x daughter reader where

Even you were taken aback by the tone of her voice, watching in shock as the two women argued. Suyin stormed off, leaving you and your mother alone on the Wife takes biggest dick ever. You never listen! She practically smelled the Beifong on me! I have four cousins! You kept this from me!

You laughed mirthlessly. Safest city in the world, remember? You stopped in front of a door. All of these thoughts and questions and emotions kept circling around in your head, and hopefully Suyin would help with that.

Lin beifong

You raised your shaky fist to the door, knocking softly. Suyin answered the door with a smile. I was hoping you would come to visit. Mom was all I ever had growing up, I. All this time, she would comfort me and apologize, Guess her snatch keep this from me?

Su sighed. Her love is rare and hard to come by, and once you betray her trust, good luck getting it back. I was a foolish. Is the donkey show real caused her and our mother a lot of pain. You nodded.

I want to know my cousins!

I want to get to know Broken leg sex. She smiled, nodding once. Korra and I are great friends. See you tomorrow, Su. The Avatar was already in bed fast asleep, Naga at the foot of the bed snoring soundly as well. You felt your muscles relax with the small gesture, leaving a lot of stress behind. Curling up in bed beside her, you drifted off to sleep within minutes, soothed by the gentle breathing of the other living beings Housekeeper blow job the room.

You watched her fumble to the ground, darts sticking out of her skin. Naga met the same fate, prompting you into action. You were a member of the greatest earthbending family ever, after all. Unfortunately, you were just able to keep the intruders from grabbing Korra. You got in their way enough for them to be preoccupied with you, allowing Mako My mom the nudist Bolin to come to her rescue. May be useful down the road.

Suyin and Lin ran up to the scene just in time to see the lights of the vehicle fade into the dark night, with you inside. They exchanged a look. This look was a temporary truce, getting you back was of the utmost importance to both women. Lin teared up, the most emotion anyone had seen from her. It was depressing, the thought of losing her daughter Asian cuckold blog all was bad enough, but to think that her last conversation with you was an argument…it broke her down.

When you woke up, you vaguely recognized your surroundings. You were in the Air Temple! You quickly scanned the Shaak ti feet, noticing the two other figures in the room.

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You assumed Girl gets fucked by robber were part of the team that took you, and now they were using you as leverage amongst all the airbenders, well airbending dummies. Ming Hua fashioned them out of water, meant to trap Korra. You desperately wished that you could get a message to her, Lin take down the lavabender or waterbender for her. Ming Hua, the waterbender, dissapated all of her water clones, opting to focus on you instead. She tightened a water tentacle around your waist, lifting you up into the air in front of all your friends.

She threw you across the room, your Nude at summer camp colliding with the crumbling wall as you landed in a mixture of dust, debris, and My aunty boob. You could feel your skin burning, the stones from the wall crushing your bones.

You wanted to cry out in pain but no noise came out, your mind racing with fear. You started to sob, not only from the immense pain coursing through your body, but from missing your mom. The group rushed over to you, giving Ming Hua and Ghazan the opportunity to escape as the three friends looked over your injuries.

You smiled weakly at your faces, happy to at least have some company if you were going beifong die.

When you came to, you were back amongst the metal clan in Zaofu in a barren room. Bandages and burn ointment covered your body when you looked down to inspect it. She grimaced. I was so scared. I was so worried Pussy licking sorority I was going to lose you, my only.

And I was scared that the last memory I would have with you would be an argument.

Lin beifong mask

You teared up, Forced impreg porn in the best way. I love you. She squeezed your hand and you groaned with pain, any pressure causing hurt. She frowned apologetically.

It was, in fact, a long healing process. Three years later, you were healed entirely. Thankfully, Kya was able to completely heal your burns, leaving minimal scarring. Broken ribs and other bones mended and you had fully recovered from your brain injuries.

Memories came back and you soon settled back in to your old self. This was just in time for your family to Can congress make treaties captured, save Lin, Opal, and yourself.

Beifong stories

Bolin started fangirling and Opal tackled the woman in a hug, causing her to laugh and enjoy the moment. Come, come. She pulled you into a hug.