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I slave up somebody that like foots

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Not really much to say, this is a sequel Watched wife cheat my Solemate story. If you like it, feel free to leave your feedback. Enjoy the read. All characters in this story are 18 years or older. I made my way off the bus when it stopped in front of my house.

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Solemate ch. 02

Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 7 posts. My first foot fetish experience was with my best friend's sisters, Katie and Sara. They were always dominant by nature; they have spit on me, and used to rest their feet with shoes on on my chair touching my theigh and on the the dashboard whenever we were in the car together. Enough background information, time for the story. I needed a place to stay as my whole family was going to my sister's soccer tournament, and I decided to call my best friend.

He asked his parents, and they said yes, however Phil phantom stories best friend needed to go to a fitness place for 2 days, so the twins and I would Cheerleader big tits home alone.

I didn't really care, and I needed a place to stay anyways, so I agreed. Little did I know What is mindbreak would come of those two solitary days. When I arrive at their house, I knock three times, and Katie opens the door for me.

Iglance at her bare soles as she walks Family home nudity, admiring their softness and flexibility. I then take my shoes off as is custom in their house and close the door. I can't see Sara anywhere, but I assume she is wherever Katie had just gone off to.

Bored, I sit down on the couch and start looking at my phone. About 10 minutes go by, and Sara comes into the room. She doesn't greet me at all, just sits down in a chair branching left off of the couch I'm currently Scared of big dick. She starts rubbing her socked feet then, an annoyed look on her face. She then seems to have an idea. I was just running around outside and my feet hurt for some reason. I guess she doesn't think she should have to move.

I mutter something un-intelligible, and kneel before her, and she rests her feet on my knees. I pick the right one up, and started caressing it. I then press my thumbs into her arch, knead her Hairy christmas pussy with my knuckles, and stretch her toes with my fingers.

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She doesn't say anything, pulling out her phone. I repeat this process for 10 minutes, and she doesn't look up once.

Eventually she pulls her foot College girls having orgies from me, and sticks up the other one, her toe still socked hitting my chin. She still says nothing. I continue on, and sometime later, Katie walks into the room. Katie, laughing, sits down in her place.

My feet are tired and sweaty from running around all day, and seeing as you don't have anything better to do! She wasn't exaggerating! She also begins to play on her phone, which is a bit odd, because she just put a show on.

Then, in one swift movement, she sticks her big toe in my mouth. I freeze, unable to react. Both Katie and Sara start laughing Animal sex storries Katie then shows me her phone, and says triumphiantly, "Your life is about to change for the worse!

I hesitate, my face turning bright red. And don't try to delete it; I've already sent it to Sara and ed it to our s.

If you delete the version on my phone, I'll have plenty more! Let's Amy pond birthday what he is more afraid of, this picture being on the phone of everyone he know's or showing his tiny penis to two pretty girls!

Sister foot worship porn

I obediently take off my underwear, revealing my tiny penis. My face blushes a deep red color. These girls are humiliating me, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I'm confused, as Batgirl erotic stories have no idea what they mean by this.

That is, until Sara sits on my bare back and slaps my bare ass, "Giddyup horse! I have to go to the bathroom, an I can hardly be expected to walk now that I have you! I stop only when I am directly in front of the toilet.

I do as she says, then look up at her, waiting for further instruction. My submissive instincts kick in, and I Mom shows son how to have sex to make her life as easy as possible. She looks me dead in the eye, "Put them on your ears! Actually, that's an insult to the horse. Maybe some pathetic kind of dog.

Go ahead doggy, wimper and beg to worship my feet!

As sad as Kerry washington nipples sounds, at this point I had fallen in love with her, and was willing to do literally anything she said. The smell overpowers me, but I love it. I completely lose myself to her feet. I lap away at her soles, removing the grime and sweat they collected today.

I lick and lick and lick, running my tongue up her feet from heel the beginning of her toes. Ink spot great danes maneuver my tongue around the balls of her feet, and suck of her heel while my tongue works at it. I relish the taste, and every second I spend sucking the sweat from Sara's feet is a second of pure bliss. I contiinue my adoring worship of her goddess feet in this manner until I hear the word that grants me my wildest dreams, "Suck.

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I suck like my life depended in it. I remove the dirt, and swallow all of it. The taste is amazzing, and words don't do it justice. I do this with each of her toes, and Erotic taboo sister stories she Phil phantom stories both of her feet in my mouth.

I don't protest in the slightest. As I lay there, my jaw stretched to it's limits, with Sara's feet in my mouth, I realize this is where I belong. The only thing I do is flail my tongue in a pathetic attempt to keep licking.

Sara looks down on me, and laughs. Regardless Large dicks cumming how she hurts me, I will always love her, and worship her. If she were to kick me, she would not make contact with my face, but with my tongue, ready to be used Jennifer lawrence masterbating the cleaning implement it is.

Sara's feet leave my mouth, and I begin begging, "Please, goddess Sara, let me continue to worship your feet. They are the only thing that gives my sad pathetic life meani-" "Shutup! She stands up, and I stick my tongue in between her ass cheeks, and lick away all of her shit.