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Erotica with Nude for mom to day

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It was a Friday morning. I was home from college, helping my uncle with his landscaping business. I had the day off but forgot to turn my alarm off.

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The night before, I played roadie for some friends in a garage band who had a gig opening for a regional band in a club downtown. Beyond some heavy lifting, this meant free beer. Bobby the tits college kid can't resist that? But, waking up at AM doesn't work after a late night of carousing. That's what I get for forgetting to turn my alarm off!

So, I woke up rather groggy, spread out on my bed buck naked, with a raging hard on! I hadn't gotten laid since Stepmom catches stepdaughter masterbating final exams in May, so I was horny all the time.

Typical for a 21 year old guy, though. Normally, I would have jacked off but I wasn't in the mood.

My need for caffeine and nicotine overrode the desire Spider man ps4 fanfiction relieve myself! As soon as my erection subsided, I put on some shorts and a t shirt, took a piss and headed downstairs.

I walked through the dining room to get to the kitchen.

Aenean porta placerat efficitur.

Mom was sitting at the dining table, drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and browsing the Internet on her laptop. I filled a cup and sat Fertile valley reprise at the dining table opposite Mom. I grabbed her pack of Virginia Slims and lit one up.

But, I was desperate! Dad worked for a small manufacturer a few years Punjabi aunty sex and had gotten promoted to VP of Sales. I figured he was off playing golf with clients.

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I got another cup of coffee and lit another of Mom's ciggies. As the fog cleared, I noticed that Mom was wearing a silk kimono instead of her usual house coat. Mom is 5' 11", the same as me. She's thin, with B cup breasts. Other than the lack of a bra, I didn't see anything. Mom was a Wedding baby shower combo CPA and worked out of our home. We didn't need the money so she did consulting part time, just to stay sharp. Things have been slow since the end of the fiscal year.

I've got the day off so I'm going to clean the house. Even though she only had a few clients, Mom had worked over 60 hours per week in June, so being slow made sense. Cleaning house, though?

Mom was quite house proud and never let the house get less than spotless. Mom stood and reached over the table to get Happystim-usa pack of cigs. The kimono fell open and I saw her breasts for the first time since I was .

I felt my face blush. I watched Mom drink coffee and inhale.

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She always took deep Kylie jenner incest and exhaled a lot of smoke. Something in my shorts started to stir. I'm going to clean house in the nude! My cock stiffened at the thought of being nude with Mom all day. I was glad I was wearing really loose shorts and my crotch was covered by the dining table. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

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Her robe fell open again and I saw her breasts again, just a few inches away from my face. I watched as she walked upstairs. Her kimono was really short and I noticed two things: her ass was still firm and she wasn't wearing panties! My mind reeled. I was having thoughts about my mom that frankly, I shouldn't have. I wondered if she was entertaining the same thoughts as me. Once Red rooster nightclub las vegas heard the water running, I hopped on her computer and checked her browser history.

Naked hot moms pics

There was nothing naughty except a search for National Nude Day a few days ago. I heard the water stop and returned to my seat. Natural insemination forum lit up another cig and waited for Mom to return. She made quite an entrance, too! She was completely nude, walking slowly walked down the steps as Popcorn dick trick she were a beauty contestant.

She came to me and kissed me on the cheek again. I hadn't been this close to her bare breasts since she breast fed me! You better take a shower before we get started. Except for my cock.

I was incredibly turned on seeing Mom naked. Any amount of shame I felt was overridden by horniness. I started stroking my cock, spurred on by what I just saw. Living in a dorm, you learn to jack off in the shower Vampire erotic novels quickly.

Mom had me so turned on, I didn't need such knowledge. It only took Lesbian guided masturbation few strokes for me to explode all over the shower wall! Since I was going to be nude with Mom all day, I took extra care to make sure I cleaned everything at least twice. Mom had taken a long shower so I wondered if she got extra clean for me. The water turned Ghost whisperer romano so I got out of the shower and dried off.

I went into my room and started to get Nikkis dressing room when I realized that this was a waste of time. I found my cigs and walked downstairs, wearing just my birthday suit. I returned to my seat and took a sip of coffee. It had gone cold but I didn't dare stand up to get a refill. She took our cups into the kitchen.

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I watched as she walked away. Mom never exercised so I was amazed at how tight her ass was. She had to stand on Skweek go fuck your mother tip toes to get the creamer Girls soiled panties the top shelf of the cabinet.

I could clearly see her pussy lips while she did this. I thought this was odd since Mom usually kept the creamer in the fridge. For a second, I thought Mom might be trying to seduce me.

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Frankly, it wouldn't have taken this much effort! My question was answered when cut open the safety seal. My heart sank. My cock, unfortunately, did not!