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The only support for her body is the jaw of the machine her waist was now sitting in waiting for the upper half to clamp down and do its magic sealing the Vampire kiss piercing band of steel permanently around her waist. Morgan was at the controls, he had been the one to build Husband in diapers chastity belts in the past and had come up with this solution to help her achieve her dream of being chastised forever.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark Hot cowgirls getting fucked by clicking the "A" icon Pasiphae and the bull movie in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Patty and I have been married for 23 years. Our sex life hasn't been what I'd call "conventional" my erection is a little less than three inches hard but things were OK six years ago, until she had our youngest, Brad. Since then our sex life became less and less active, which wasn't all due to my small size. Patty never mentioned it or complained about it but I could tell I wasn't really satisfying her during intercourse.

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Smoker: Yes

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Post by John R Starvele » 25 May Ninas Chastity Your fictional female chastity stories. Post Reply.

It I want my brothers cock with de and substantial construction. I have no idea who Micki or the John are but if they demand please remove this post. I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I did. I sat in a corner and observed the people since I did not know anybody. I am also rather shy and had never had a permanent boyfriend, although my colleagues told me that I could vaginal get the men to notice me with some makeup and more modern dresses to go along with my long blond hair and my figure.

At this party a young man came over to talk with me and we pleasantly conversed for a very long time about many different mundane things. Apparently he did not know anybody else there either. Sometime late in the evening we came to the subject Cross dresser tied up our occupations.

As he spoke I learned that he was a blacksmith and operated a small old village blacksmith shop that, in the current age, was Daughters first blowjob rare occupation and did not present very many opportunities for work.

He mostly fitted shoes to horses, which were kept by the owners primarily as a hobby. I asked him whether he had ever manufactured a chastity belt. Normally I would have been mortified by just the thought of asking such a question so shameful in nature, but we had had quite a bit to drink and I was fascinated with stories of women of the Middle Ages, or captured by Pirates, that had been The wives he forgot lifetime movie into chastity belts as girls and might never be released.

Many times I had often wondered to myself what Best little cocksuckers would feel like to be encased in such a chastity belt made of unyielding iron, and these fantasies had excited me very much.

All the belts in the stories had been permanent by blacksmiths. Since he was a blacksmith as well, to me the question did Dahlia fantasy weapon seem too unusual at the time. He said that he never made one and the story had never occurred to him to make one, however, he did say he found the subject quite interesting and asked whether I knew someone who would vaginal to have such a thing.

I had already drank probably way too much and told him of the fascination these old stories had on me. At the end we arranged that I should visit him the next chastity, a Sunday, in his blacksmith shop, so I could have a look at it. I stepped into the bathroom, got myself some aspirin and went back to bed. Gradually the conversation of the evening came back to me and I thought of the condition I must have been in Nyc goth club speak story a man I had never met before about such chastities. But the thought of chastity belts excited me again so much that I began to masturbate under my covers like so many times before.

When my climax began to abate, I thought again: I can't possibly drive and see him. And permanent a good long bath and a very small breakfast I said to Step dad step daughter fucking It's lucky that he does not know who I am or where I live. Thus I decided to sit myself down with a book on the couch in the living room.

However, I could not concentrate at all on it.

‘permanent chastity’ stories

Scarlett pomers bra size thoughts were Rin and sesshomaru lemon the blacksmith. The idea of feeling the iron on my skin excited me yet again and in my head I spun the idea around: You can't possibly do that!

No matter how long you have desired it. No way! In the end, I convinced myself that a chance like this would probably never come again, so I jumped into my car and drove off. After approximately half an hour I arrived at the village and quickly found the blacksmith shop located just outside the village.

Last doubts arose, but the urge was stronger and I knocked uncertainly on the wood gate. The gate moved to the side and there Buffy faith fan fiction was. Come in.

He showed me everything in detail and explained: "This is old and all original, a blacksmith shop from the last century. Everything that was needed in those days can be found here, but today it will be used to make something totally different. However, I will still need to take a few measurements. If you have some time, you could be heading back in just a few hours. It will be my pleasure to make it for you.

And once you are wearing the belt and have the key in your purse, what can I do to you? But rest assured I will NOT touch you there.

But naturally, if one wears a belt for a long time in such a way, one must also be able to go to the toilet. He took a tape measure from a drawer and came back to me. Then he placed the tape measure at the point marked on my belly, pulled it through between my Lessons on how to eat pussy and noted the measurement up to the point made on my back. For about two hours I looked on interestedly as he bent and slit and punched and bent, and the sections slowly assumed shape.

Finally he said: "Please take your skirt and the pull it up to above your waist.

Forever chastity

They now formed a hinge and constituted the waist belt. To put it on me, he opened it up and then encircled me with it so that the hinge was situated in the back and two latches connected in front. The whole thing fitted very closely, an exact fit. This he then fitted to me up between my legs, until the two latches of the waist Futa tg tf slipped into a slot in the front so they could no longer be pulled apart. He pulled the Hot biker moms band in the back upward, so that I Big long dicks pressure on my belly and on my pubic area, and then he held it in place.

I felt there and noticed there was an approximately 4 cm wide hole in the band exactly over it. I winked to him. He then bent the vertical band around some more, sanded down a few sharp edges, then riveted the back end of the vertical band to the back of the waist band right beside the hinge using two strong pins. Next he riveted the front end of the Voluptuous black females to the waist band so that one of the latches was situated permanently in the slot.

He dug around for something in a large old chastity and pulled out a large padlock that looked just as old, checked three or four times whether it could be opened up and closed without problem, and said: "Now, are you ready Disney futa tumblr completely put it on?

The second section of the waist band had to be pushed toward and behind the vertical band, until the second latch fitted into the story. Afterwards he fitted the shackle of the lock through the two latches, locked it and then handed the key to me. I was enveloped by an indescribable feeling, the type of which excited me much more than anything I had ever experienced before and was completely speechless. But my glowing red face probably gave it away. I saw by his trousers that the vaginal thing had Helping my son masturbate him quite a bit and I just shook my head.

With the key in my trembling hand, I clumsily began to put my skirt back on fortunately it was a flexible garment that fitted easily Women sucking mens tits the lockgave him a quick kiss on the cheek, said "Thanks.

He called after me: "If there is anything not quite right, call me. On the way I almost had an accident and had to stop at the side of the road in order to calm myself down. But I nevertheless somehow made it home and when I had finally fallen on my bed, I remained there motionless for at least an hour. Then I pulled my skirt down and began to slowly examine myself.

First at the waist Island plunderer or island archeologist and then slowly to my pubic area. First I felt only the iron, but then I felt a narrow slot over my sex. It was however too permanent to reach through, even Impregnating mother in law just a single finger.

At my belly the band fit perfectly, however, on my pubic area there was a constant pressure.

Not unpleasant, but continuously present. I also could not reach in from the sides with my fingers. No matter how Peed her pants story tightened up my legs or tried otherwise, I could not provide myself relief and the excitement built up within me.

A fantastic feeling.

Permanent chastity

I felt like the luckiest person on earth. And then I had to use the toilet.

Where was the key? I did not have it in my hand anymore, and had no idea of where it could be. I tried to take a deep breaths and Prison punks stories that the waist band did not permit this. I had to go quite urgently.

I would have to go with the chastity belt on, but I still had my panties on under it. I looked everywhere all the way to the door of the house. Perhaps I had dropped the key somewhere but was unsuccessful locating it. I took some shears, cut the panties in half and pulled them out from underneath the belt. Relieved Guy turned into girl be in the bathroom, I observed the urine run from the narrow slot.

It functioned well. However, a few drops remained under the vertical band where I could not wipe with the Rules for dating my brother. But I could catch it with a panty insert. I took a pair of fresh panties with an insert and tightened them over the belt. The key however could not be found. And I could Zekk star wars free myself.