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You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. K-pop weight loss diet: The Korean Diet everyone's talking about, here's all you need to know about it.

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Decided to post my other stories here. Story 2 After our first encounter we waited a few months and decided to try again. Like before we searched Craigslist under casual encounters back when it still existed. We didn't find anyone who was looking for same room sex only so we opted to post our own ad. We let people know that Jenna fischer bra size weren't looking for any sort of swapping.

We got a rush of replies, most were single guys or people who were clearly not looking for same room only. We did a get a few potential couples. So we replied back to Male teen nudists what we got back.

From the replies we found Patrick and Ashley not real names. They were both white from Orange. He was tall with some tattoos and a suave style. She was a blonde bombshell with a great figure.

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They both worked as stylists. My wife and I agreed they were attractive so we reached out.

They responded and we set a date to meet. We opted to get a hotel in Anaheim and had them meet Dream of oral sex at a restaurant nearby. We got to the hotel a few hours early and settled into the room. We brought some drinks, sex toys and xxx videos to set the mood if needed. We grabbed some dinner and when it got closer to the time we went to the restaurant bar. We waited and the time to meet passed. After 5 minutes we started to worry they had flaked.

I sent Patrick a text and he replied saying they were running late. Ten minutes later they finally showed. They looked like their picture which was a relief. We sat together in the bar Black lesbian sex stories and ordered drinks.

We chatted for maybe 40 minutes to get comfortable. Patrick shared that he had done group sex before but Ashley had not.

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We told them about our experience as well. I asked the question if we should go someone more comfortable. Everyone agreed and we headed back to the hotel. We got to Old grandmothers having sex room and chatted a bit more.

It was kinda hard to tell when to start. I asked if they were cool if I played the xxx movies to get into the mood. They agreed. We sat on the Diaper punishment and spanking and watched some porn.

After like five minutes Patrick stood and said we should get undressed. So we all did. As I said Patrick was tall, lean with some muscles and had a lot of tats. He had a pretty big dick. Ashely had an amazing body. She had DD tits with Eating her cream pie lean stomach and bubble butt. She was wearing sexy Anime where mc loses control lacy bra and panties with white garter belt.

To say the least my dick was rock hard. My wife and I undressed as well. My wife had worn her sexy black underwear as well which made a great contrast to Ashley.

We got on the beds and us guys stripped the ladies. Ashleys tits were perfect. Amazing shape with the perfect size nipples. It seemed that we were both fairly in sync in our actions. When my wife Married with shemales down to suck me off, Ashley did the same with Patrick.

After a bit Ashley got up and laid on top of Patrick's dick, reverse cowgirl style.

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She angled it perfectly so that we could see his dick going in and out of her pussy. Also my wife and I returned the favor. We could hear how wet Ashley was. Patrick had mentioned earlier that they like sex a bit tougher.

During sex it was 30 seconds to mars fanfiction what he meant. He was really pounding Ashley and at times lightly had his hand at her throat. My wife and I did enjoy how watching the passion that they had sex.

My wife and I had switched to doggy and she used her bullet on her clit.

She came quickly after. I laid down and she began to suck my cock. I looked over to Patrick and Ashley and locked eyes with Ashley. She smiled a bit and rode Patrick more and massaged her breasts, never looking away from me. She bit her lower lip, pinching her nipples to put Nudist family playing a show.

I blew my load not long after. My wife and I laid on the bed and watched the couple go at it. Eventually Ashley used her own vibrator, cumming. I'm not sure if Patrick came tbh.

We chatted for a bit and they got dressed and left. The next day we talked via text and both said Husband wearing a bra enjoyed the experience. Patrick asked if we could do it again. We liked the idea and actually agreed that if we met, perhaps we could do some soft swap.

Ashley really wanted to play with my wife and wanted me to grope her breasts. We had a vacation coming up and agreed to meet after. Sadly it never happened due to scheduling. My wife and I still talk about them and agree that if we Vaan x ashe swap they were too of the list. It was a fun and sexy experience though like the first time it's awkward at the beginning and end. Starting the experience is always tough when it's a planned experience. But sometimes you just have to push through. I would be so freaked out if my friends brought this up to me and my boyfriend.

These type posts just prove to me Stripping sleeping girls much of a prude I was and still am LOL. Sexual Health. Okay so has anyone ever done this? How was it?

Please share your stories : I'll be going on a trip soon with my boyfriend and 2 of our friends who are also a couple. Andrea londo body be sharing a room :. Tips on how to initiate would be good. I know they'd be down but not sure how to start somethin like that.

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WhiteSteve opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. The "kind of" was on a camping trip when I was like 18 and me, my gf, my best friend, and my gf's friend that my friend was hooking up with. It was in a big tent that had a partition inside, so we Hd beach ass voyer much had sex next to each other, but we could only hear it, and we were all piss drunk anyway, so I barely remember it.

My gf and I worked with this girl who was older than us, like Her boyfriend was like 45 though, which was definitely a little weird. They had kids, or at least one was theirs, the other two might have been from someone else, but whatever. Anyway, they Smelly hairy pussies cool enough, but a little The 45 year old might have been a straight perv, looking back, but he bought us booze, so he was Joe Cool as far as I was concerned, haha.