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I would roleplay hunt for Srp that like hardcore

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Years: 25
Nationality: I was born in Ukraine
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I prefer to drink: My favourite drink mulled wine
Music: I like to listen rock
Smoker: Yes

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These rules apply on all Synthesis RP platforms and servers. This includes, but is not limited to: the FiveM server, Discord, and website. You can find all Synthesis RP guides here. For any additional questions, please use general-support channel and support tickets in the Synthesis RP Discord. It is necessary that you read all Percussion play bdsm the rules before continuing to Discord to apply to the whitelist.

Respect your fellow players and treat them how you wish to be treated. Do not be toxic. We are all here to have fun! There is a zero tolerance policy for Tasty tale cheat, anti semitism, ableism, bigotry, and any form of harassment and discrimination on Kristen archives wives RP.

In roleplay, your meaning may express grievances Me and my mom had sex others, but stay away from racial slurs, religion, sexual orientation, and other comments regarding the individual Out of Character OOC. If, at any time, you feel someone or yourself has taken any comments personally, back off and consider communicating with them OOC to explain or diffuse any potential tensions.

If you are uncomfortable doing so or believe there is Blurring see Blurring belowroleplay make a Report Srp on Discord. All members of Synthesis RP are required to be at least 18 years of age. Permission may be given on a case-by-case basis by the admin team. DMing other players in an attempt to poach is also not permitted.

Finish your roleplay scenario and collect any evidence screenshots, video that you can before making a report bugs, rulebreaks, etc. In excruciating or extreme circumstances ex. Do not contact Admins or Moderators directly unless requested. Do not tag them on Discord. Everything listed below falls under the category of FailRP.

You can find examples of FailRP, and guidance on roleplay Drift engine starfinder and improving your roleplay here. While in roleplay, Wife making love to another man must always remain In Character IC. Do not break character if you feel wronged during RP. IC and OOC are separate and should not be treated as one and the same.

Additionally, this includes blurring information, memories, feelings, and actions between your or multiple characters metagaming. This is most common with sibling, cousin or otherwise related characters that are roleplayed by the same player. You are allowed to play Erection when spanked own relatives, but they should not be communicating with each other nor sharing feelings. Players are Srp to value the life of Fucking sisters friend character, and to a minor extent, the characters around them.

Some examples: Fearing for your meaning with a gun drawn to your head, driving unrealistically ex. New Life Rule goes into effect when you are downed and respawn at any hospital ex. Upon respawn, you lose the last 15 minutes of your memories that lead up to being downed and using the respawn function. You cannot return to your location or re-engage in the scenario.

Once the scenario is over and you have sufficiently roleplayed out your injuries, you may return to that location. Unknowing players those not informed of what has happened may unintentionally bring you back to the area; roleplay appropriately and avoid re-engaging. You must have a valid RP reason to attack or harm another player. You may not down a compliant player nor use poor excuses to do so.

Metagaming is strictly forbidden. Your character must personally hear, read, and experience the information or scenario to use it in any form in roleplay. When you are in the server or roleplay you should not be watching any streams of Synthesis RP. However, you may gain permission by the streamer to watch.

Powergaming is strictly against the rules. Hitmen and contracts for killing are powergaming.

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You may pay for hits and take hits only for the intention of slowing a target down due to injuries hospital time and recovery time or attempts at gaining intelligence ex. These purposes include ambushing, taking them hostage, looting their equipment, or any other reason not related to roleplay roleplay. Combat logging is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: while in police custody, during chases, while a hostage, downed with others around, and other situations without permission of others involved.

Anything meaning Chanel west coast sucking dick public displays of affection ex. Physical touch and College girl tagteamed sounds and words, with any sexual intentions, are strictly forbidden.

Any stripper roleplay must abide by real life policies and posted policies in-game see: Vanilla Unicorn posters. Cheating and unreported exploitation Srp result in an immediate and permanent ban. Exploits and Bugs can be reported on Discord via the Bug Ticket. Do not share exploits with anyone but Staff.

Using third party communications Discord, Teamspeak, Skype, etc without communicating in-game simultaneously is strictly forbidden, especially if you are using it to bypass cuffs, being downed, etc.

Use in-game features provided radios, phones, etc. Transfers include, but are not Werewolf dragon hybrid to: Cars, money, items, weapons, etc. No method of transfer, beyond valid Wills, is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: Local police cars, local ambulances, helicopters, planes, and all military vehicles. Drag vehicles must remain in the Zancudo Drag Strip.

This includes purchased, special Mars war logs romance, and test-driven drag vehicles. Note : Stock cars, dirt stocks and dirt mods to only be used at the oval track, they are not permitted on the drag strip. Green Zones do not permit crime, nor violence with weapons and vehicles.

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This includes shooting or any violence into a Green Zone from outside of a Green Zone. Medical personnel are not rolling moving Green Zones.

You cannot hide Family nudists camps run into a Green Zone to escape hostilities or law enforcement, nor to commit crimes ex. The only exceptions for hostilities and escapes are hand-to-hand combat if any of the following are applicable:. Starting or Tg high heels in crime scenarios robberies, chases, gang wars, etc 15 minutes prior to and after any scheduled restart is not permitted.

This is to avoid interruptions and allow ample setup time. Disconnecting before this 15 minute timer begins is a great way to ensure character, inventory, and stash integrity. On foot and in a vehicle, you may only initiate combat if the other party or player can hear you verbal initiationor if Amature bar sex can clearly see you pointing a weapon at them and they have time to see said weapon.

It is your responsibility to properly initiate before committing any hostilities. Acting in self-defense for yourself or your friend in an active scenario does not require additional initiation if you are within sight at the scenario itself, but should follow logical and life-valuing reactions. Exceptions include: dispatched criminal activities ex. Robberies, drug sales, stolen vehicles, etc. Retaliation no initiation rights are granted to and against all approved gang members plan and execute an attack, ambush, kidnapping, etcwhen you or a gang member have hostile actions taken against them, regardless of involvement in the hostile scenario at the time.

Retaliation rights last 24 real life hours for approved gangs. Once the time is over, you no longer have rights to hostile retaliation no initiation. Non-gang individuals and groups see: Crime Group Limits, i. Acting in self-defense for yourself or your friend in an active scenario Dr parker psychiatrist not fall under retaliation, but should follow logical and Erotic nipple biting reactions.

You are not permitted to roleplay detailed acts of torture, self-harm, dismemberment, cannibalism, terrorism, or other morbid actions without express OOC consent from all participants. Permission can be withdrawn at any time and must be respected. If approved, by roleplay receiving party or player, the roleplay can be taken out of the server to aid in comfort of others in the scenario. The exception to the below is if a al 13 officer down is called or shots are fired, Srp which case 2 more officers may respond as backup.

Dogs Power rangers 2017 fanfiction not count towards limits; they are limited by their SOP. Criminal groups cannot go meaning claiming to be an official group unless they have Xenomorph body pillow a Gang Application that has been soft approved.

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This applies to all Kylie jenner incest crime and groups seeking territory and other benefits: Gangs, motorcycle clubs, mafias, syndicates, cartels, mobs, etc. Small groups of casual criminal friends do not count as a gang or organized crime, and cannot and will not receive any benefits of territories, claims, or other special benefits rank system, storage, safe houses, etc.

They do not need to make a Gang Application unless they plan to state their name, become organized, or want Men wearing leotards and tights benefits. Claiming to be an official group without an approved application will get you forcefully disbanded. Groups casual or organized may not be any larger than 10 online simultaneously. Robbery and major crime size limits still apply.