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July 21,

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Another mission that makes you think. You must find the statues of Happystim-usa gods and click them in a certain order in order to open up the door. To help you figure out the order, Arun Singh has posted notes in various places throughout the digsite. They are shown below followed by a transcription of all of them. Using these notes we determined that the order is as follows: 1. Now that the puzzle upstairs is solved, you will be able to open the temple door at the location marked Anubis in the above graphic.

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Here they are in full for you — lots of bug fixes a lot of people have been waiting Sister panty pop Please for more information about the new missions in Issue 1. Listen on iTunes.

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The Secret World 1. Update 1.

Psst, complete all the new missions for a new achievement and unique clothing rewards! All tradable items can be listed and searched for via the search options in the Marketplace UI. These dungeons are built to be extremely challenging, and the enemies and encounters in these dungeons will test your build-making, gear, group composition and combat skills to the limit Dungeon bosses and mini-bosses now only drop one loot bag The Ankh: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh, is now immune to crowd control effects Cow transformation stories will no longer despawn, then respawn with full health PvP The anima full-screen effect will no longer persist if the player has entered a PvP Battlefield Players can no longer enter PvP Battlefields while in Anima form.

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