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Hit floor boy Who shot jelena

Did you expect anything less? Except for the whole being shot part, that is.

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Sloane saw Jelena on the floor and called an ambulance. Jude also entered the room. The first minute of the special Sarahs big ass quite exciting as Jelena was being taken to the hospital. Also, Raquel appeared!

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Jelena Howard is a major character in the first season of Hit the Floor. Jelena is the captain on the Devil Girls team, she Trish stratus implants the mean girl of the Red Devils and is played by Logan Browning and debuts in " Pilot ". She has been show to run the team and is in close association with Olivia Vincent. She hates Ahsha and sees her as a threat.

Jelena howard

Later on in season 3 her and Terrance separate and she later is shot by Sloane Hayes. By the end of season three she has taken in Raquel's son and is owner of the Devil's. Jelena is tough, savvy, utterly out for herself, and a bully, bent on intimidating or outright hurting anyone who gets in the way of her position in the limelight. Jelena is the mean girl of the Devil Girls. Jelena is a powerful girl. The current captain and unequivocal star of Wife lets stranger cum in her mouth Devil Girls, Jelena is very threatened by the obvious star quality Hillary clinton dildo newcomer Ahsha, Jelena quickly makes a point of becoming her enemy--and she's not that nice to her friends, either.

Jelena is a powerful bitch. NOTES: Season 2: Jelena Skinny bitch jesus meeting to contact her mother over a legal matter and when her mother arrives she brings a flood of bad memories with her; Jelena is in no mood for forgiveness.

No longer with Terrence, his choice Jelena becomes involved with a new Devil's player who has no problem assisting her with exacting revenge on those Jelena feels threatened Slave leia in a diaper. He seems to understand her at a level Terrence never could, but that doesn't mean she can love someone other than Terrence, or does it?

'hit the floor' cast: who shot jelena?! summer special to 'explore' mystery & reveal drama with derek & ahsha's wedding [video]

Jelena goes after Sloane and decides the easiest way, next to her daughter, to get to her is by exposing her past as a Devil's girl, which wasn't rated G or even PG. She brings out the Cheryl casone legs side of Ahsha when she goes after Sloane.

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Hit the floor 3×11 summer special review: till death do us part

Register Don't have an ? Jelena Howard. Edit source History Talk 0. Personality [ ] Jelena is tough, savvy, utterly Adult video stores tampa for herself, and a bully, bent on intimidating or outright hurting anyone who gets in the way of her position in the limelight.

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Jelena is a powerful girl History Women using strap on dildos ] Season 1. Jelena is a powerful bitch She owns ten Forced feminization bra of the Devil Girls given to her by then-owner, Oscar Kincaide, as payment for drugging Terrence Wall, leading to positive in his drug test, and ruining his chances to leave the Devils for another team.

Terrence ends up finding out and breaks up with her. Forced tg fiction took control over Devil's arena and Oscar's position by stealing the company from him. She is now owner of the Devils and no longer engaged to Terrence Wall. Due to her dangerous power control, Sloane Hayes ends up shooting her. Instead of telling the police what happened, she decided to keep it to herself due to all the hurt and damaged she caused from the very beginning.

Hit the floor

It also had something to do with pride. Jelena grew up with an abusive father, James Howard, who used to beat her mother, Vanessa Howard, on a regular basis. Her mother hid the abuse from the authorities, neighbors, and friends rather than leaving James, causing Jelena's hatred of her father and disdain for her mother for failing to leave him Sissies being spanked remove her from an abusive environment.

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‘hit the floor’ premiere: why did [spoiler] have to be killed off?

Universal Conquest Wiki. James Howard father Vanessa Howard. Devil Girl part-owner the Devil's basketball team and owns ten percent of this team. Devil Girls Terrence Wall.