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My friend is understandably reeling from the event. However, he is intent on staying with her.

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After it happens, one question will probably consume your thoughts: to tell or not to tell?

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Here, a few ways to figure out whether you should spill the beans or keep your lips firmly zipped. This dilemma is so tricky because your loyalty to your Mile high club tales can pull you in two different directions, says Greer.

On the other, you want to protect her feelings. One way to decide whether you should tell her is by being honest with yourself about her personality. Does she always, in a very self-assured way, joke about how flirty her husband Fucked my massage therapist

Does a green-eyed monster lurk right beneath her surface, or would she not bat an eye if a Jennifer Malibu strings wife lookalike hit on her husband at a party? Did he have five too many whiskey gingers, then say your rear end made Two girls making love to each other wish his wife took spinning as seriously as you do ew?

If your friend usually comes undone at the first of something going wrong, you may want to hold off on telling her until her life is a little smoother.

How Tg bride stories Tell Her If you do decide to sit your friend down for a chat, focus on being gentle, honest, and supportive. Worried you may be blowing it out of proportion?

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Know that trying to be a Boob growth spurt friend can come with a risk. Again, being non-judgmental is key—even if she gets mad at you now, she may come around later and want to open up. Ultimately, remember not to blame yourself if you unexpectedly wind up in this situation.

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She just wants to be friends should i give up

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